Thursday, March 1, 2012

New Residents...Container Leveling....high lift jack

Welcome Greg and Deb to the valley! It was good to finally meet you guys and learn a bit more about you. I'm looking forward to more conversations!

Geoff: thank you for connecting us and facilitating another container drop!

The container failed to land on a perfectly flat piece of ground, so my buddy Paul and I went about correcting the leaner. We utilized a "high lift jack" to easily raise the corners for blocking. This tool is an amazing piece of mechanical simplicity. An absolute must for any desert rat!

A quick twenty minutes later and we were off to the Cowboy for a burger and a beer. What a great few days. Thanks for your help Paul!


  1. thats great. Welcome to Montello

  2. And you guys did a great job! Thanks!


  3. i'm very close to buying some desert lands in Elko NV. can you shed some light on the aquiring and getting a container dropped off?

  4. Sorry for the delay. I didn't notice this comment till now. I sell and move containers. Between a hardcore driver out of SLC and a well equipped local, chances are very good we can place a container on your property in the Montello area. Have you purchased land yet?