Thursday, March 8, 2012

Actually Making Bleach from Pool Shock...

Below is a one minute video showing the basics of making bleach from a one pound bag of pool "shock". The "shock" is available at any pool supply business or Wal-mart for $3 per bag. One bag yields 75 gallons and has a shelf life of 10+ years. After the bleach is produced, it has a shelf life like unto store bought bleach at around one year.

I utilize a scale from Harbor Freight (Item 97920) to measure the granular shock into small quantities (3 grams) for producing 1/2 gallon batches at a cost of $0.02. This particular bag of shock states an "available chlorine" percentage of 45%, which I have calculated to be 6 grams of shock per gallon of water. I generated the table below for differing manufacturers that may offer varying percentages....use at your own risk!

% available chlorine - grams per gallon of water
70% - 3.5
65% - 4
60% - 4.5
55% - 5
50% - 5.5
45% - 6
40% - 6.5
35% - 7

This bleach creation technique provides long term storage of the ultimate disinfecting solution....perfect for anyone on a budget in a remote location with minimal storage area!



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