Sunday, March 11, 2012

Bicycle Generator....

I think I see a new project in the near future...

BICYCLE to watch video

This idea came up early last week at the coffee shop. An old friend contacted me late last week about the same idea. This video appeared before me (without searching) on youtube a bit ago. Between solar, wind, and bicycle....power should be bountiful!!!

I don't have a lot of research time to allocate to this project right now, but I should think it will come about in the next six months. That said, if someone is interested in the idea and would like to run with it, I'll volunteer my welding skills towards the fabrication of a bike/alternator mounting system!


  1. That is actually pretty cool! The girls would probably love to be the ones to generate the power! I know I wouldn't mind, especially if getting some exercise in the process, haha!

  2. Kinda looks like work lol, but if in a pinch heck ya!

  3. I've considered this too for Montello but I haven't begun to look into it. Good daily exercise, especially in the winter and rainy days when we can't ride our mountain bikes. There are similar ways to make your wind turbine as well. I plan to do all of these.

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