Friday, September 18, 2009

Short Term Shelter – Long Term Portability

In a previous post I discussed plans for using a shipping container for quick and easy shelter. That plan has not changed. However, I am becoming hesitant to leave anything of value in the shipping container unattended for weeks on end. And, I need a more livable and immediate solution while preparing the site to receive the container.

SOLUTION: modified teardrop trailer. I make my living by doing whatever I want to do on most days. I make money to finance my living by producing teardrop trailer RV's. After my current teardrop trailer build is off the production line, I will be starting a new build for me. I'll be building a 5x8 Teardrop RV to specifications that will allow this trailer to function as a tool for building the dream in Montello.

In addition to the teardrop features currently offered, this teardrop trailer will have higher ground clearance, independent wheel travel, aluminum side walls, large front storage rack, 110 gallons of water hauling capability, solar panels, and a 12 volt battery system. Prior to the shipping containers arrival, this small RV will provide many of the luxuries my family needs during extended visits. After the shipping containers arrival, the teardrop will function as a cargo trailer by hauling the high priced infrastructure back to Utah where I can keep an eye on it. I'm looking forward to this project and I hope you'll follow along as I update its progress in future posts.

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