Monday, September 7, 2009

Cowboy Bar and Cafe - Montello, NV

I love this bar! Admittedly, I loved it more for the cafe. Both times I've eaten there I came in with an appetite and they cured my hunger. The first go round I ordered their famous Cowboy Burger. I'm always skeptical of signs on buildings that read "famous this" or "famous that", especially on hole in the wall joints in the middle of nowhere. Famous or not, their Cowboy Burger was one of the top two burgers I've had...lifetime! They are HUGE, they come with all the fixin's and a healthy portion of fries. I'm the kind of guy that sticks with a good thing, so my second go round a couple months later called for another famous Cowboy Burger. Two times in a row...they nailed it!

I'm not much of a bar scene kind of guy, but I really did enjoy this bar. The service was outstanding, the waitress/bar tender proved super friendly (she loved her job and it showed), and the beer was ice cold, like it should be! I can't wait to see what it's like on a Saturday night. The crystal ball on the ceiling suggests there's some fun to be had.

While you're waiting for your food, you have to check out the wall of pictures in the back. My favorite is of the enormous elk with a Geo Metro strapped underneath him! Rather, enormous dead elk strapped to the top of a tiny Geo Metro. Desert folks get shit done!

Well done Cowboy Bar and Cafe! I look forward to many more burgers in my future.

I horked the above pic from another website. Let me know if you're pissed and I'll take it down and replace it with another the next time I'm in town with my camera.

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