Sunday, September 13, 2009

Montello Backhoe for Hire

I've made contact with a back hoe owner / operator who lives in Montello, Nevada and is willing to take on work at the rate of $75 an hour. I plan to use his services in the coming months for excavation work on the property. I can not yet give a referral regarding the quality of work he does, but I will do so in a subsequent blog post after working with him. I neglected to get his permission to post his contact information for all to see. So, let me know if you need his info and I'll email it to you. My email address is as follows:


For every asterisk above, please insert the letter "o". I don't want my email address being harvested by the spambots!!!

Also, if you ever need anything in Montello, the Cowboy Bar or Saddle Sore Bar are the best places to start asking. I started at the Cowboy and found a fellow who was more than willing to help with information. Thanks Montello!

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