Sunday, June 13, 2010

The Wild Wild West

Another reason to love Montello: reduced police presence.

Nobody loves to see flashing cherries in their rearview mirror. It is perhaps the most interrupting and disturbing thing that can happen to anyone at anytime without notice. Just seeing a policeman on the side of the road is enough for me. Whenever I see a policeman I inevitably feel like I should slow down or stop doing what I'm doing. Most of the time I'm not speeding and I'm rarely ever doing something to infract the law. So, where does this mindset come from?

I can trace the mindset all the way back to high school. I was 15 years old hanging out in my buddies car outside a movie theater waiting for the guys who went to the other show to get out. A policeman rolled up on us, started asking questions, and then searched the car. My buddy gave consent for the search, but to this day I have never forgotten how that felt. It wasn't my car and he didn't search anything of mine, but it still felt like a violation perpetrated upon me. In the weeks following, I educated myself about my rights and more specifically the power of saying "NO"!

I watched the video below yesterday and was again reminded of a few reasons as to why the founders left England/Europe and fought to the death for freedom.

I don't know where our country is headed, but it feels like the police state is increasing. I don't hate the police, but in the few encounters I've had with them I have seen and felt the interrogation tactics that are used in the video. If you don't have time for the video, the take home points are simply: be polite, keep your mouth shut, and if you must open your mouth...say NO!

I have heard the authorities come out to Montello on occasion, but I have yet to see them. I do find the police to be useful, but I certainly appreciate knowing they won't be there for me in Montello for at least an hour, if at all. Like most other aspects of life in Montello, you better be able and willing to take care of yourself! Enjoy the video. Enjoy the Wild Wild West. Enjoy Montello!


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  2. Haha, I haven't watched the video yet but I had to reply to this. One of my ex-close friends (he was a groomsman in my wedding close) is a Nashville Metro Cop. The one thing I was worried about more than anything was the job changing him, who he was. The very DAY that he joined the academy I didn't hear from him or was able to get a hold of him until he was graduating. Right there shows you something. The other thing was I had heard how they brainwash them in the academy and afterwards and they actually try to separate them from their friends. The one thing they teach them is to treat EVERYONE with the prejudice that everyone wants to kill them. Now, I understand the mentality of being cautious because there are many out there that do want to kill them but c'mon! The problem with that is that the people who don't want to kill them get dropped into the same boat with those that do. No discretion... My point is that it's easy for the police to be influenced by superiors and fear. The same as fear is used against us. If a cop feels his life is under constant threat his decisions will be made directly with that in mind. AND, if his superior tells him what to do and it may be questionable, that fear will make the decision for them. That is my opinion but I definitely agree with you Preston that giving police that kind of power along with what I said is a bad mixture and will only get worse. We SHOULD have to take care of ourselves and friends & family. It should be a community effort to prevent injustices. I'm gonna watch the video now.

  3. Actually, not having a policeman for an hour can be good or bad. Bad people know they can get away with almost anything they want. We have been told by many townspeople not to leave our property unattended. There are break ins and since no law enforcement, they have little to worry about. Hopefully this wont be the case but if something does happen the wild wild west mentality along with video surveillance may have us taking care of any problems on our own. Lets hope we can make the community safe and help the town be what we dream it can be!!!

  4. Wow Jeremy, that's definitely a scary and stressful mindset to live with everyday. It's definitely a job that would burn me out if I had to think that everyone was out to get me.

    JT and Sandy...great points!! I'm always prepared for something to be out of order at my place when I come into town, but so far everything has remained just the way I left it. It probably doesn't hurt that I don't leave anything of value out there except the kitchen sink and a few tires!!!

    Video surveillance...I'd like to hear more about how that works.

    Thanks for the comments.

  5. Yeah, I agree there are pros and cons but in reality, we never have assurance of our safety or property ya know? Doesn't matter where we live. I live in a quiet, retirement type community and within a year of moving my truck got broken into and they took my ipod, an expensive knife, and I accidentally left my wallet in there and they got my cc. We live every day with a false sense of security. Don't you worry Jt and Sandy, if I have anything to say about it we will create as safe a community as we can. We will network together and use technology to our advantage.