Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Cell Tower: DATA!!!!

The cell tower in Montello streams data!!!!! I was able to surf the net and check email yesterday on my Sprint phone from the property. I haven't been so excited by a surprise in a very, very long time. As I pulled into the valley and powered up the phone, I was ecstatic to see the signal strength light up to five bars. I sent a text message to my wife to confirm that it worked with Sprint, and it did. Shortly thereafter I heard the phone chirp to indicate I had a new email. I thought surely I was seeing things. I jumped on the net and confirmed it to be in Montello!!!!

The four mile drive from there to the property included frequent verification that I still had data services. Admittedly, on my property the data service comes and goes, but it is mostly very reliable. Furthermore, I transacted a couple business deals all in the palm of my hand from the property, the Cowboy, the jeep, the truly is amazing!!!

I later found out that I was roaming. A quick call to Sprint to inquire about roaming data prices made me smile. They said as long as less than 50% of my data was roaming, then there is no extra charge. This works out for me because I'm not out there full time. My buddies Verizon phone was pulling data without roaming. I may switch over to Verizon, but for now I'm still so excited to be able to work in Montello (extended vacations) that I could care less who is providing the service.

Kristian, thanks for the great company! Cruising jeep trails (above Augie's place), shooting rifles and handguns in the mountains, lounging at the Cowboy with Bill and Curt and the usual crowd of comfortable faces, sitting out under the stars, and of course CRAPS in Wendover! Good trip brother, good trip. Bill, may the CRAPS bug bite you more softly than it did me....good luck with that!

See you all in Montello! (and Wendover)

P.S. the Montego Bay in Wendover is an excellent hotel and an ample casino. they gave us the best social and financial Craps experience to date!!!


  1. Such good news. This post makes me antsy. We want to be there stat!

  2. when did Bill get there? I have been sending emails but no response. Glad you had a great time!! We'll be there in mid Aug!!!

  3. Dude, I had a great time at your "estate."It was nice to finely get feet on the ground and smell the air. I really enjoyed the tri-tip steak and shooting guns. I'm glade we decided not to use the guns to get more tri-tip. I have a feeling that sort of thing could make a guy disappear.

    Bill, it was good to meet you and hang out. Everything Preston told me about you was true.

    With the way they're giving money away at the Montego Bay maybe the three of us should plan a reunion tour...ASAP!