Thursday, June 17, 2010

12 volt Vizio Flat Panel TV

I was in Sam's Club the other day for some reason other than looking at huge TV's, but their product placement right by the front door suckers me in every time. I found a nice selection of Vizio flat screens in the under $300 range. The TV's in this range were between 19" and 26". I flipped more than a few of them around to see how many watts they were going to gobble up from the off grid solar / wind setup. It turns out that these TV's run on almost nothing, with the average being around 60 watts per hour. But the fun doesn't stop there. The input voltage was 12 volt DC, not 110 AC!!! The power cord plugged into your standard 110 volt outlet, but it had an inline inverter to convert AC to DC and to the magical number of 12 volts, which my system will be engineered to run on. Thus, I will not experience energy loss by having to run the TV off of an inverter. I will have to cut the cord and rewire it or buy a new plug from Radio Shack, but that beats the crap out of paying many times more for an out of the box 12 volt TV that I can only buy online.

Now the question remains, do I really want a TV in Montello?

Almost forgot, the 19" TV was around $170!!!!


  1. Do you want a TV?

    and then, is there a TV signal you could pick up in Montello?

  2. Do I want a TV? A couple years ago I turned off the DISH Network account and built a $5 antennae (instructions on youtube) to pull in whatever is being broadcasted over the air waves. Since then, my kids stopped watching mindless cartoons and picked up reading books or playing with each other. I still find TV useful when I want to go into VEG mode and relax....but, in Montello, VEG mode is "ALWAYS ON"!!!

    Where I'm at in Montello, nothing comes over the airwaves and satellite TV is the only option for a signal.

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