Thursday, April 8, 2010

Loving Montello for Spring Break

Freezing cold, high winds, rain/snow, what more could you ask for to ruin a trip. Maybe some other trip, but not a Montello trip. I'm not sure what, if anything, could sour me on Montello. Once again, I LOVED my time in the valley and can't wait to get back. Good friends, great food, and excellent conversation....another success!

Bill, THANK YOU! Next time I'm gonna hold you down for a longer visit. Just kidding man. I enjoyed the short time we had together and loved the smile on your face after dropping off the container. Les, great to meet you time bring the old lady and the pole...the cowboy won't know what hit them. Guy, Julia, Daniel, Anna, Miranda, I thoroughly enjoyed getting to know each of you and look forward to many more conversations around your fire pit! We'll hope for a little less wind this time. Geoff and Ellen, great to see you as always. I'm looking forward to more container talk and homemade bread. The ranch looks awesome and Ellen, I must have the bread recipe!!! Curt, I'll see you sooner rather than later. Thanks for your help on Bill's place...still can't believe how level the container pad was...great job. We'll hit my place next time and I'll bring some Ubuntu for you. Peewee, 'charming' is the word I was looking for to describe you. Thanks for entertaining the girls. My friends, we'll see you in Montello!