Thursday, April 1, 2010

Any Comment?

I was sent this article by a fellow today.

I was forced to thought by many of the points made. Which way will your feet take you?


  1. I've always believed that we only need the golden rule, and silver rule. But my favorite rule of law to this date are the laws of Hardyville as outlined by Claire Wolfe at
    I was joking with some people the other day that things are pretty much fubar with our government today and some younger generations. When my parents and I read A BRAVE NEW WORLD, 1984, and ATLAS SHRUGGED they saw distopian nightmares. Today people read a brave new world and see shopping utopia, 1984 and it's the government justifiably protecting it's citizens from terrorism, and Atlas Shrugged is a story about greedy industrialists keeping the goverment TARP program from working.
    And yet people call me crazy when they see me trying to dump a high paying job and move into poverty on my own little permaculture homestead. I just don't want to keep funding the clowns in power so removing myself legally from their society is the only option. Shame too, Miami has so many pretties :)

  2. "Doug: Good luck. To them, you're cattle. They care only so much as you and all the others don't stampede. Other than that, you exist for their benefit and have as much say in the matter as a steer."

    Wow! Right on the money. Here's the sad thing about it all. We are RIGHT BACK to where the first American settlers were in England. Only problem, no great land left to run to. That tells us what we must do. We cannot run any longer. The first Americans could come here and then have a place to fight it off far away from the "state". We are no longer in a position to do such a thing. We now have to lay down and accept it or stand up and fight it right here. I believe the country may be slowing waking up with this Obamacare. Lucky for me my dad has taught me these things from a young age and I have NEVER trusted "the system". I have never thought about it but I guess I am an Anarchist too. This guy speaks from MY heart. I think it's amazing how the majority sees no problem with the government knowing EVERYTHING about us.
    Everyone is afraid to jump. "Hey man, if you jump I will jump with you" but no one does it. I will be the first to say it, whether any one is with me or not I will lead. They will be watching me now I bet, lol.
    Great post man!

  3. OK last one I promise. This ones for Jeremy. It's a Claire Wolfe'ism.
    "America is at that awkward stage. It's too late to work within the system, but too early to shoot the bastards."