Thursday, April 29, 2010

Cell Phone Tower?

I just returned from Montello and the locals I spoke with confirm Geoff's post about the cell phone tower being turned on. However, it appears to only work for Verizon and Alltel customers. I use a Tracfone and my father uses AT&T, as does another friend. None of us were able to receive a signal. We didn't even have the ability to roam. If anybody has different info or preferably a different experience, I'd love to hear about it.

Hopefully I won't have to saddle myself with another monthly bill, but I suppose having a cell phone will be worth it. Then again, one of the reasons I thoroughly enjoy my time in Montello is the lack of connectivity to the outside world!!!


  1. Sprint has great coverage as of last weekend. I assume it is a CDMA vs GSM network problem.

  2. Ellen and I got two new tracphones and they work. Our old ones done work. Im not sure how that works. :)