Sunday, January 24, 2010

Rain Catchment - big berkey update

First, the big berkey filtration system is operational and like few things in life, it is meeting my expectations and exceeding them. Highly recommended!

Rain Catchment. In an earlier post I mentioned employing a rain catchment strategy in Montello to supplement my water supply or quite possibly be the sole water source. Rain catchment is basically funneling rain fall off of your structures roof and into a storage system....cistern, 55 gallon drums, etc. The long term plan is looking like a 1,000 gallon (minimum) cistern. The short term solution will be a couple 55 gallon drums that are connected to the rain gutters downspout. Youtube is full of people displaying their setup, so check it out if this peaks your interest. And, if you want to see a simple 55 gallon setup in action and possibly laugh very hard, then check out the mouth on this guy when his system begins to turn south during a down pour! Warning: this video has enough swearing in two minutes to earn 10 movies an "R" rating (no nudity). You've been warned! Now put on your big boy panties and enjoy.....


  1. HeHe, That was hilarious, Not sure why he was using collapsible hose in the first place, but anyway you was right it was funny...hehe

  2. That was a hilarious rain barrel demo. Also thank you for the do-it yourself Berkey filter link. I can now cut $150 from my "back to the land" project plan by eliminating the stainless steel setup.
    I also noticed that near Montello or Elko their is a company that supplies water guzzlers. I think these are the same water guzzlers that made the news a few years back because of their use by the BLM. I would think these would be useful for collecting water runoff for your garden along with any grey water you supply. The company also provides potable water tankers according to their website at

  3. Thanks for the link Richard. I'll be checking them out! I came across the youtube video while doing research. It made my day. I like seeing a guy who is that serious about water catchment!!!!!