Monday, August 10, 2009

Shipping Container

I have decided to utilize a shipping container as the shell for my home in Montello. My first preference would be an earthship, but I currently live too far away from Montello to make a remote build feasible. I'll have the shipping container delivered to my home in the city where I'll be able to quickly and more easily outfit the container to my liking. After construction is complete, the home in a pod will be delivered to Montello and placed in a hole. Yup, in a hole. The first container will be 8x20. The eight foot end with the doors will face south and will be the only exposed side of the container. The sides, rear, and roof will be backfilled. After walking through a few containers and doing much research, I've decided to reinforce the walls and ceiling with a steel framework to support the exterior forces of the earth pushing in and down. I'm hoping to take advantage of solar gain for winter heating, but I'm guessing the minimal southern exposure (eight feet) will be insufficient to supply all of the structures heat needs. Phase two, the second shipping container, will address this heat deficiency. Until then and after, I will use a small wood burning stove to supplement what mother nature or my design skills fail to supply.

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