Saturday, August 15, 2009

Does it bother me when they laugh?

A few days ago my wife asked if it bothered me when others laugh about my Montello land purchase or other sustainable off grid living ideas? I think anyone laughing at something you care deeply about is cause for bother, but I'm able to step outside myself, and of them, and realize that each of us have our own unique dreams and motivations. I could speculate as to why others laugh, but I feel speculation would only be another form of laughter from me to them.

It doesn't matter what my dream is or if anyone else is interested in dreaming it with me. If my dreams require validation from others then I'll likely never realize any of my dreams. I've always found someone interested in laughing and someone eager to validate. The greatest compliment a person can pay themselves is in listening to their inner voice and taking their own advice....laughter or not!

The desert of Montello, Nevada is one of many places where the path is easy to walk and the advice is freely offered and quickly taken from self.

I think Don McLean amply sums up my feelings of the country, the city, our society, and my dream with his song “castles in the air”. Take a listen at the following link:

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  1. "Those who do not observe the movements of their own minds must of necessity be unhappy." - Marcus Aurelius (121-180)