Sunday, August 23, 2009

Cooking Economically Off Grid...and many other things

My previous post explored the economy of a grain based diet, but neglected my favorite cooking process. Rather than write up the entire cooking process, I'll direct you to a link that does a pretty good job without any labor on my part.

Thermos cooking. I do things slightly different from the article. I do not pre-heat the thermos and I fill the thermos to the top with boiling water. I let the wheat cook overnight and it comes out ready to eat by morning. I like cooking wheat in the thermos because it is difficult to over cook. Pasta and rice also cook very well in a thermos, but they are easier to over cook.

I also use the Aladdin Stanley thermos as viewed in the following link:

This thermos can be found at Wal-mart, but you must go to the sporting goods department.

The beauty of this system is derived from ease of production, clean up, and energy conservation.

Production: pour one cup (or less) of raw wheat in thermos, fill thermos with boiling water, seal, and lay the thermos on its side until morning.

Clean up: rinse out thermos

Energy Conservation: the energy usage is halted after the water comes to a boil. No additional energy is expended.

Does this really work? YES. In fact, I'll caution you to keep all fingers clear of the water stream when pouring out the extra water in the morning. It is still scalding HOT after 10 hours! I've heard of some people drinking the excess liquid as wheat tea! It's not my favorite, but I'm guessing there are plenty of vitamins in the tea.

Here is a link to the website where I originally learned of this cooking method. I do not agree with many of the authors ideas, but I do enjoy his perspective on preparedness and economy. Thanks Kurt!

Hopefully this cooking method will save the installation of a solar panel or help keep your propane bill to a minimum. Also, the Aladdin Stanley Thermos is nearly indestructible. My father in law works in a steel mill and has abused his thermos extensively, including a three story fall onto concrete. It is the same thermos he bought in the 70's and uses today. It's also the same thermos I used to test the wheat cooking idea, as I was skeptical to run out and invest $25 if it wasn't going to work. Enjoy the savings!

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