Monday, January 17, 2011

movie....Off The Grid: Life on the Mesa

This documentary (rated R for the F word) made for a good hour plus of entertainment. It helped me further appreciate the water resources and proximity to town....and the local gathering holes in Montello. This isn't exactly Montello, but it's as close as any documentary will come to relating my experiences thus far.....

Two of my favorite comments come in the first three minutes:

"I'm my own man here. I don't have to conform to anybody. I can live it like I want it." .....Stan

"What day it is, and what month it is, kind of irrelevant out here. Doesn't really matter if it's Tuesday or Wednesday or October or September, none of that really matters." ......Maine



  1. How would it be to actually live like that with no time Constraints. Hmm.

  2. I did it for a week in December in was good....very good.

    I can only imagine what a life of it would be like?

  3. I saw this on TV a couple years ago. Lotta words to describe it for sure.

  4. Great film. It did leave me reeling a bit, but that's just me. A lot of food for thought. It really reminded me of a documentary called "Dark Days," about a small cross-section of the NYC homeless demographic who live underground in abandoned subway tunnels, pipelines, etc. Both were eye-opening documentaries.

    I don't think that I'll be moving to the Mesa anytime soon...

  5. I agree with Restoration Books, not exactly the kind of community I find ideal. The situation did remind me a lot of here in a way, the freedom we have. By far I think we are much better off in Tecoma Valley than the Mesa. (Tecoma Valley is the name of the valley Montello is in.)