Saturday, January 8, 2011

More progress....framing....sliding glass door.

I finally framed in the front wall of the second container and installed the sliding glass door. Not a project I recommend undertaking by yourself, but all turned out well. I also intended to pound a bunch of tires, but the frozen ground made this project almost impossible. I did pound one tire, but expended way too much energy and decided the project could wait for warmer weather.

The sunsets were again amazing and the company as well. I was excited to bump into JT and Sandy at the Cowboy on Tuesday night. I thought Sandy had left town already. Jay's conversation was enjoyable as always and the bantering between JT and Jay was nothing less than guys kill me!!! Crossing paths with Bill and Curt were also very welcomed events. I'm learning lots of things about myself with this Montello adventure...especially the solo trips. I very much enjoy my solitude, but there is also something very sweet about watching someone off in the distance headed your way for a visit. It makes me smile!!!

Here's more pics than anybody probably cares to look at, and in truth, they're more for me to reflect on in the future....I'm enjoying that a lot these days!

Jeremy, sorry it took so long to post interior updates. I pulled the bunks out of the back left corner and moved the wood stove in their place. Toilet is still in the center and a crude shower curtain setup is in the back right corner over the shower pan. The blue water tank sits a top the sink and the pile of goods on the floor represents a damn urgent need for shelving/cabinets! Storage is about three or four line items down on the current agenda! I still need to reinforce the second container with beams so it will withstand a loaded roof and install a large water storage system. All things in time I guess!

On a side note, the small blue propane canister next to the wood stove is for a small plumbing torch. This is the only way to light a fire!!!!!!!!

With zero storage/organizational luxuries installed, I will unequivocally comment that one 20' shipping container is PLENTY of room for a minimalist to live in. With an efficient storage system design, I'm confident this small space could work well for two people over the long term. A second container would be nice for power tools, building supplies, firewood, etc....but by no means necessary. A small shed and low/no cost alternative solutions are readily available.

The front 2/3rds of the container is now open space for lounging. Over on the left is the Mr. Heater mounted on the wall (hose is plumbed through the wall to a large propane tank outside). I also improvised a makeshift table on this trip for the cook stove so it would be close to the propane supply. This was my last of three days and the sun was shining well into the container. No heater buddy needed this day. In fact, I had to crack the door because Curt's little PeeWee was getting overheated!

This is the most snow I have seen in Montello and I hear it was more than usually sticks on the ground. I made it out to my place in 2wd with a heavy cargo load providing traction. After unloading and lightening the vehicle, I had to use 4wd to get out. Can't wait to get back out there....and SOON!!!!


  1. It's really coming together. I like the Mr. Heater mounted by the door and how your improvised table serves more than one purpose. I'm looking forward to my next visit!

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