Monday, December 7, 2009

Shipping Container Landing in Montello!

The shipping container has landed in Montello! The timetable for delivery was rushed in anticipation of deep snow and the inability to access the property in the coming weeks. The planned modifications are not complete, but the fireplace, two sleeping bunks, roof support beams, and sliding glass door will provide the needed basics for successful subsequent outings.

Paul transported the container on his amazing truck and gently placed it in the hole. The placement was slightly off one of the railroad ties, which Paul could have easily corrected by repositioning, but we had Curt and his backhoe on scene so it made more sense to chain it up and slide it over the needed foot or so. The railroad tie idea worked out wonderfully with the container resting level on all sides without any need for tweaking.

Mike (like minded fellow in too many ways from Logan) and I placed the foam board insulation as Curt backfilled the sides and roof. I used two inch thick foam board (R10) on the sides and four inches (R20) on the roof. Six mil plastic sheeting was placed between the dirt and the foam board on the roof as an additional moisture barrier. I'm hoping to keep the container from rusting through for at least 2/3's of a lifetime (the rest of mine)!

The only hiccup in the day came early on after opening the container doors to find one of the sliding glass door panes had shattered during transport. Two loud, quick, and slightly separated F-bombs later (and a few PBR's) and I was back into the blissful moment of the Montello dream! I have to thank Mike and Curt for jumping on this problem and keeping me from thinking about it. They lifted the door out, Mike cleaned up the glass, and then reinstalled the perfectly good single pane sliding glass door. Thanks again for all your hard work fellas!!!

As the sun set and the cold really started to bite, Mike fired up the wood burning stove to help all of us thaw out as we enjoyed great conversation, evening southern skies, and the amazing serenity of the desert.

As is now seemingly tradition, the day was capped off with a Cowboy Burger at the Cowboy Bar. Good day brethren, good day!

Many, many, many thanks to Win!!!!

Thanks for driving out into the middle of nowhere Paul

Mike watching as Curt slides the container over

Mike removing glass fragments from the door

Curt and Mike


  1. Dude you forgot to take some of the INSIDE....duh, like isn't that the best part???

  2. stayed tuned little lady. more interior pics will come as the interior becomes something more to look at!

  3. That is so cool, Im glad one of my ideas was put into use by someone else. yours looks way better then the one I would have done!!!