Thursday, June 11, 2009

The Land

After my discovery trip to Montello, where I fell in love, I made an offer on 10 acres of land North of town. My current house in Utah resides on 0.17 acres. These 10 acres are laid out in a near perfect square and I all but lose my breath in walking from one side to the other. 10 acres is HUGE!!!!

My initial offer on the property was declined, but after a few rounds of negotiations we settled on a price that I’m sure made the seller happy and certainly delivered a smile to my face. The southern boundary of the property borders BLM land, so I think I can expect unobstructed views and minimal neighbors for years to come. Currently, my closest neighbor is over ½ mile away. The next closest neighbor is over a mile away in the other direction. Serenity NOW!!!! I haven’t walked around the property naked yet, but with a high degree of confidence I’m certain no one will see, much less care if they did happen to notice a bright white fat guy strolling through the sage.

The land is covered with sage brush, sand, small rocks (pebbles) and the occasional cactus. I had hoped to see a bunch of rabbits, but instead found a few friendly lizards and a handful of stand offish antelope. I half-way expected to see a few rattlesnakes, but to my delight I have yet to see any! I’m guessing this land is very similar to most other land you’d find out west in the high desert before man arrived and started irrigating (i.e…SLC).

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