Friday, June 5, 2009

Day One

A few years ago I ran across Montello while searching for remote and inexpensive land and never managed to do anything with it beyond that. Earlier this Spring I encountered Montello again and hit the ground running. Either the timing was right or desperation was catching up, so I went on a discovery trip to Montello and found exactly what I was searching for. I trust my father's opinion, so I invited him to come along. I don't think he'll be coming back. I trust my brother's opinion, so I invited him to come along on the second trip. I don't think he'll be coming back either. Montello is a special place reserved for those who are truly exhausted with humanity, crave adventure, and don't have a pristine trout river running in their back yard (my brother). Montello does lack trout fishing, but it more than makes up for it in the things I perceive it has. Montello forces a lifestyle of economy, simplicity, and peace.


  1. "Economy, simplicity, and peace" describe the the lifestyle out here very well. I am glad to hear your observations, thoughts, and feelings of the area as they are a reflection and validation of my own. There is great beauty and opportunity here.

    There was a time in our country when established families of the 13 colonies would make fun of those adventureous spirits who would dare to try their luck in the nether regions of the new world. Many asked "Who would ever want to move to Missouri?" or "Why would anyone want to raise a family in the Oaklahoma territories?" and even when Phoenix Arizona had few Europeans many would ask how could anyone live in a place like that?

    Well now people dont even raise an eyebrow when you tell them your moving to Phoenix. So to it will be with Montello.

    Where did people get the idea that the west was won? Who told them that there is no more wild frontier to be settled and explored? There are parts of these mountains that no human foot has touched, there are valleys that have rarely been seen. There is land here that is just as good as any in Missouri, Phoenix, or the Wasatch Front.

    While the frontier has changed from a monolithic region to merely pockets and holdouts of frontier, there is still a western land to be tamed

    There will be a time when no one will even raise an eyebrow when hearing of someone starting a new life in Montello. Until that time those who hear the soft whisperings of this desert valley beckoning their names must ignore the scoffs and snickers as they have always been there for those who dare.

    Soldier on Preston!! Follow your heart.
    Geoff Goldsborough

  2. Amen Geoff! I hope me and my wife can meet all of you once we're there. Hey, where roughly is your property? We also bought 10 acres just about a mile west of Rhyolitte Butte. 7 miles north slightly east from Montello.

  3. Turns out there is great fishing at Crittenden Reservoir outside of Montello. I love this place!