Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Flash Flooding: Montello July 16, 2012

Outside the Cowboy Bar
Standing Inside the Cowboy Bar swimming out!

The following are youtube links to a number of flooding videos from around town.  I'll soon post videos of the amazing water situation at the property!

Float tubing down Highway 233

The Park off Highway 233

The Cowboy Bar

Crossing the River, the Cowboy, and Rontello's (the original Cowboy)

Backhoe and Truck crossing the river


  1. Man, that flood has really messed up some parts of the road to my place! I have fixed what I could at this time but I need a grader not a backhoe..

  2. Great videos, Preston! Too bad you didn't get a shot of Henry J's sign floating down the street ....

  3. To be clear, this flooding is not common. It happens, but very rarely. One local called it a 30 year storm.