Tuesday, October 25, 2011

last (long) weekend....

WTF? first time seeing this guy....and we found two. any ideas?

newly created path to the outhouse....well done ladies!

post holes for outhouse foundation

captured on the drive home (amazing sunset in every direction)

sign says it all!!!

dinner at the Montego Bay (wendover)


  1. Wow! Makin me jealous...
    Not sure what that alien is. Haha

    We are putting everything on the table for beginning of next summer! We got most things lined up. Check my blog, I got a new Jeep and I'm selling my black one.

  2. As a kid many sleeps ago me and my nephew had come across many of them in the Holiday area at a place called the valley. We found them burrowed in the sand. They are called Sand Puppies. Well that's what we we're told anyway.

  3. Now, after my last post I looked up (Sand Puppies) come to realize the difference between the two..
    www.ibeatyou.com/entry/fe18be/sand-puppy But I also discovered them being called A Potato Bug.