Wednesday, June 1, 2011

long weekend in Montello....

the girls and I took off for a long weekend in Montello. the weather was overcast, occasionally rainy, and windy as hell! on the bright side, the wind generator ran all weekend and powered all of our electrical needs. we cut a 55 gallon drum in two parts....using the top for a new fire ring and the bottom as a watering hole to attract the local habitat. we never saw the watering hole being used, but more than a few smores and hotdogs were cooked in the fire ring. we ran into a few familiar faces and had a number of good meals at the Cowboy. it was a good trip, as it furthered my resolve to live this lifestyle as much as i can. i can't wait to get back!!!!

the video reflects the blades and speed of the wind generator in an odd fashion. the blades are not curved and they were spinning at such a fast rate that you couldn't see them at all!!!


  1. FUN! How was the weather? It looks nice and bright and green there right now, that's good.

    How much power is that turbine creating for you? Do you have batteries or are you running straight off the turbine?

  2. The weather was actually crappy....very windy (which is usual) and a bit of rain. We've had a lot of rain lately, which contributes to the green. The valley was beautiful. And, despite the crappy weather, the trip was well worth it.

    The wind generator is rated at 300 watts, with a peak of 400 watts. Tracking the amount of power it created isn't simple to do like it is with the solar panel charge controller. The wind generator has an onboard charge controller with no digital display. Although we had four very good wind days in a row, I'm still of the mindset that solar/wind is the best bet. Over those four days, solar would have produced very little power. I've also seen extended periods where wind would have been useless as well. The combo is where I believe the security and renewable self sufficiency lies.

    This wind generator requires a battery bank to operate. It won't do it's thing until the charge controller detects the connection. I'm not sure you could effectively run anything off of a wind generator without a battery bank. As soon as the wind stops for a second, you would lose power to your devices. That said, I've been wrong before!!!

    If I had to choose one system over another, I'd definitely go with solar. I like the cost and setup ease with wind, but the damn thing, as quiet as it is, is noisy. I'm planning to make the tower tilt down easily so when the battery bank is full it can be decommissioned in seconds until further need. That said, when you need power and the wind is blowing, it is a heavenly purrr!!!!!

  3. Cool, well I will be building my first solar panel in the next month or 2 after we move. I will obviously post every detail, so if it works out well you can build you some from scratch and save a load of money. ;) cheers