Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Wind Generator: AIR X 400 Watt

The Air X Wind Generator is pretty sweet! This 12 volt unit tops out at 400 watts and is very simple to install. It has an on board charge controller built into it so you simply connect the batteries and you're done (lightening surge protector-$30, circuit breakers-$12, and an ammeter-$30 is recommended). I went five days running LED lights, minimal laptop use, cell phone charging, and listening to music off of two 6 volt golf cart batteries (from Sam's Club) before we had any wind. On the fifth night I came home to the generator spinning like hell and charging the batteries. I'm not sure how long the wind blew, but when I awoke in the morning it had stopped and the batteries had gone from 70% charge to 100%.

The noise profile of the unit at top speed is amazingly low. I would mount it outside my bedroom window without reservation and sleep like a baby. That said, I've learned the hard way that you should not weld mount your tower to the top of your shipping container if you enjoy peace and quiet in said shipping container. The steel acts as a great conductor of sound and conveys the inner noise workings of the generator down into the container very effectively. You might even mistake it for a freight train in your living room!..hahahahaha. Lesson learned! That said, a shipping container is an ideal platform for your tower if you aren't living in it.

Assembling the unit (after reading the directions) requires about five minutes. Mounting the generator to the pole another five minutes, and wiring up the connections another five. Easy setup and easy breakdown!

Thanks again to Guy for putting me onto this unit and scoring a great deal on it for me. Amazon is also a good place to get a great deal on this unit.

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