Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Gas Cache - thanks again Augie!

A blizzard was in the forecast and seems to be just the thing to get me off my ass. My to do list has had a small gas cache on it for about six months. Today, it was scratched off. 30 gallons of gas, 12 ounces of Sta-Bil, and peace of mind. Plenty of gas to get me to Montello or run the generator here for a long, long time! (Need one for Montello too) Thanks again Augie for hooking me up with the barrels. My research indicates it is made of the same plastic as 5 gallon gas cans....we'll see I guess!!!

I hesitated to fill the barrel with 30 gallons out of fear I couldn't move it on my own. It was filled with 20 gallons and was very easy to tip sideways and roll along...wishing I would have topped it off at the gas station.

Hope everyone in Utah and Nevada are braving the storm well. It's a good one!

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