Sunday, October 17, 2010

Wendover - Montello - Augie (and family)

We returned yesterday from a three day journey through Wendover and Montello. Day one included an overnight stay in Wendover at the Montego Bay Hotel and Casino. I've only stayed at the Montego Bay and Rainbow. I highly recommend either property for their hotel rooms as they are equally as nice. However, the Montego Bay has larger rooms with king size beds! I happen to enjoy playing Craps and have come to love the entertainment value in Wendover. When in Wendover, swing into the Montego Bay and get a "Players Club Card". I picked one up in June on my first visit to Wendover. Since then they have sent me many offers for free rooms, meals, drinks, and tournament entries. Between these offers and gambling comps I have enjoyed rooms on multiple nights and many meals free of charge....and the Craps is always wonderful. The offers are usually for Sunday and Monday nights (when their traffic is usually low), but not always! The Montego has an outdoor pool and three hot tubs, which we all enjoyed. The Rainbow has an indoor pool and hot tub. Pets aren't welcome inside at either, but kids are. The weather was favorable so the dog spent the night in the truck. Both properties have restaurants that offer $5 all you can eat spaghetti with garlic bread and a $5 breakfast (two eggs, hash browns, bacon (or sausage or ham) and toast. I have dreams of living the off grid Montello life style 28 days a month with 2 days of pampering in Wendover for free!

Day two began with the $5 breakfast at Montego Bay's Paradise Grill, a quick visit with Mike of Hollerback Ostrich Ranch at the Family Dollar where he is assistant manager, a grocery stop at Smith's, and then the pleasant hour drive to Montello. After checking the post office for mail we ran into Curt and "Pee Wee Jr.". Cute new puppy! From Bill's directions I was able to find his new winter house in town. Nice place Bill!!! Next we filled up on water at the park and headed to the property for an afternoon of relaxing work. This days work included installing a couple of vent holes and a bit of electrical wiring. We grilled hot dogs for a quick and easy dinner and streamed some easy evening listening via Pandora.

Turns out Augie came out later that night, so we awoke in the morning and headed up to see him and his family after breakfast. Augie, we enjoyed hanging out with you guys on your property. It was great getting to know you and your family better while enjoying the view from a little higher up overlooking the valley. We look forward to more good times spent together!

Sorry we didn't have time to see everyone this trip. Perhaps we should plan another BBQ or something of the like so we can all get together, meet, and hang out over good food?

While writing this post and listening to Pandora the song "Lucky Man" by Montgomery Gentry came on....feels pretty appropriate today.....have a listen.

Good Times! Until next time Montello....

P.S. one of my buddies and I are headed to Wendover for a couple days in mid November. Let me know if your interested in grabbing dinner and/or some Craps!


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  2. Have you gotten any more work done inside your containers? If so, post some pics.

  3. Hey Jeremy, nothing much new on the container other than the vent holes and wiring an outlet for piping electricity in from the generator. I've been spending a lot of time in thought about the next step and whether the last few steps I took were the best ones...???