Friday, May 7, 2010

A few more pics....of heaven!

Still loving Montello. Great to see you again Bill. Let me know when you're heading that way again and thanks again for the Cinnamon roll. The Cowboy, on occasion, makes the largest cinnamon rolls I have ever eaten....and, they're damn good!

I met a guy out there this time with my name. There aren't too many Preston's around so I take special notice when one comes along. Hell of a guy that I look forward to getting to know better. And, his girlfriend Joan makes the best goolosh (sp?) I have ever tasted. Thanks guys for the good food and the great conversation, it was a pleasure!

Ah, Montello...where it's easy to be yourself!!!

some pics...

Above is the view looking south from the State line on 233. You can see the snow topped Pilot peak far off in the background....what a beautiful day!

You gotta love the redneck gas tank tethered to the grill guard. I grew up in a one stop light town in central Florida that may as well have been called Redneck'ville, so I don't worry about being stereotypical when I'm talking about my own!

I forgot to take pics of the shower pan and toilet exhaust fan that are new additions. I ran short on couplings so the shower will be functional after a trip to home depot and the exhaust fan will be operational in the next few trips after the electrical infrastructure is setup! Did I mention I'm still loving Montello?

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