Sunday, March 7, 2010

Shipping Container Pricing / Transport

If anybody is looking for a shipping container for use in Montello, please let me give you a quote. After purchasing my container, I made a couple contacts that gave wonderful pricing. I have since been able to sell a few of these containers and plan on continuing to do so for the forseeable future. I've been reluctant to post anything here out of concern that it may come across the wrong way. That said, I also don't want anyone getting taken advantage of. I know how precious a dollar can be and a dollar saved is a dollar that can be spent on solar panels, water containers, or tools.

One of our fellow bloggers was quoted some crazy pricing (in my opinion) and I couldn't bite my tongue any longer. Please do your research and make other contacts with container suppliers. Then, let me know what you've found and I'll see if I can save you some money. If I can't, then I want to know who you're buying them from so I can too!!! Please let me know if I can help and know there is absolutely no pressure to buy anything from me.

I think I'm headed back out to Montello in a couple weeks. I get giddy with anticipation!!!

See you in Montello.


  1. Hey really good stuff keep it big guy !!!

  2. Great to know. You also have the advantage of having done it all from transport to ground prep and some finishing so far. Heck you could probably quote a price for a bare minimum cabin setup after having done yours.

  3. I'm definitely thinking about offering a minimum cabin type setup in the future. I'm working with Bill on his right now and we'll see how it goes. Even if nothing more comes of it, I'm loving mine and so far this has been an excellent adventure!

  4. Also, since I started selling containers a few months ago, I have had three different home building companies contact me about supplying them containers. Two of them are building traditional looking homes, while the third is working on shelters for Haiti. This method of building is definitely catching on....ride the wave!

  5. Back in the mid to late 90s I wanted so much to have a container and seal it as much as I could with roofing asphalt & 30 pound felt and bury it in my back yard it as deep as my backhoe could reach but living in the city would prohibit this, however my place (land) is a different story. But now I wouldn't have the heart to bury a sweet container deep underground (well maybe)
    lol). However I will dig an underground Dwelling escape route & root cellar & storage units and concrete or block the walls. I love the Bunker Idea...