Thursday, February 25, 2010

Hanging with Bill - Fresh from Montello

I walked in the door a few hours ago fresh from Montello. This trip ran super smooth! I met Bill (montello valley ranch) out there on Tuesday. We were supposed to meet at the Cowboy Bar at 5 o'clock for dinner. I showed up in town around 11 a.m. to get some work done (new custom built chimney flue and more tire pounding). Here's where the smoothness of the trip started. I pulled into town, filled my water jugs at the park, and started off for the property. On my way out I ran into Curt (only the coolest excavator in town) on the Gamble Ranch road. We chatted for a few minutes and then I got him to commit to come hang out for a while. He showed up a couple hours later near the end of the chimney/welding project. Thanks again Curt for adjusting the power for me multiple times. Kept me from filling my shoes with dirt three for four more times by climbing up the embankment.

Curt and I are B.S.'ing around 3 o'clock when a silver SUV pulls up on my land. I still don't know how he found us, but all be damned if it wasn't Bill. He arrived early into town and apparently asked some very resourceful questions at the Cowboy. With that info, he drove straight to my place. We had a couple hours of sunlight left so we all hopped in Bill's SUV and set out to put boots on his property.

We had barely crossed over 233 and the R.R. tracks when a red car coming in our direction slowed to a stop and out steps this burly looking dude with a ski mask on. Did I mention this trip was smooth? It was Geoff! He was returning from a days work at his property (which is looking sweet....keep up the hard work man). He quickly jumped in and joined us for the next hour or so as we almost blindly bounced around the desert. After a deep wash turned us around, we backtracked, made a huge circle, and touched down on Bill's slice of heaven. What a nice piece of land. Over on the east side of the valley between town and the mountains. The views, the views, the views! Hey Guy, we were within a quarter mile of your place more than once. I thought of you every time we went by! Great area man, great area!

The sun set on us pretty quickly, so we called it a day shortly after arriving on Bill's property and retired to the Cowboy for cheeseburgers and fish sandwiches. Thanks again for dinner Bill! Have I ever mentioned the Cowboy Cheeseburger is awesome? My wife doesn't like thick burgers and won't back me up on my burger sentiments, so I'll ask Bill to break the tie. Until Bill responds, I'll lead with the thoughts that Jimmy Buffet would be proud!

The next day Bill and I returned to his property to walk it properly. We had a bit of time on our hands when we finished, so we decided to go check out Brian's place and snap some photos for him. Brian, your slice of heaven also has views that are, well, heavenly! I think you're going to be very pleased when you lay eyes on it for the first time...even though there is no motel on it!!! I'll email you more of the details.

After snapping some pics at Brian's place, we decided to go look up Rev. Mike and Michael. We lucked out and caught them both at home. They are carving out there homestead and making a solid go of it. I don't feel it's my place to share some of his construction techniques without his permission. But, I will suggest you go meet both of them and see what they've got going on. Nice folks and easy to talk to. I look forward to getting to know them better!

This morning Bill and I headed North in the Jeep. We went in search of Augie's place by way of the Gamble Well (i think that's the name). We found the well pretty easily and from there had to go check out the abandoned trailer that Augie pin pointed on a recent google earth pic he posted. I couldn't help but think of the broken down trailers as someone's dream that didn't work out. We walked around it, soaked it all in, and decided to head up the hill in search of Augie. Augie gave us a pretty good idea of where we were headed and his directions were excellent. We drove along the east jeep trail bordering your place Augie and wished you were there! We attempted to head south on that trail, but some snow on the north face of a steep incline (in the junipers) proved stubborn. Santa brought me chains for Christmas...apparently I weighed down his sleigh for nothing because the chains were back at home. I put it in 4 low and made it up a little higher, but in the end the ice won and we turned around. One more time we were able to pass by and see Augie's dream coming to life. Nice work up there Augie. Can't wait to meet you! And, views! Augie has views. I love my view from the valley looking up at the mountains in every direction. But Augies views are altogether different. Same heaven, different angle, but once again EXCELLENT scenery. I'm thinking I need another 10 acres up there!

Curt, Geoff, and Bill...thanks for hanging out. I loved it! Jay, one of the best hours I've spent in the last year. I feel you man! Dell and Robin...nice to meet you guys! Bill, I thoroughly enjoyed your company and am looking forward to bouncing around in the Jeep on some more trails...I'll have new rear shocks for next time!!!

See you soon Montello, see you soon!

(sorry no pics. forgot the camera. bill came prepared and will be posting pics on his site soon)


  1. Wow so cool !!!....Can't wait until April. Really glad it worked out for all of you and you had a great time

  2. I'm with what Guy Say's, Very Cool. I wished I could have been out there to meet the both you and Bill, and to enjoy the Montello air. And I hope Bill liked, and made a bond with his land as the land has a way to bond back.(As though it seems)I'm glad you two made it up to my land and was able to see the Vast Valley.I enjoy it Sooo much up there...Hey I have a cool Idea (one day)we could each have a colored coded strobe light that is assigned to to each one of us and we could see in the night(Raise it up high)and see who's who and But really, I'm glad Preston that you was able to take Bill around and to help him find his land.Talk soon. Augie

  3. makin me jealous! the whole montello celebrity blog crew hangin out in "heaven"

  4. No worries Jeremy. There is plenty more hanging out to do. I'm looking forward to it!!! See all you guys in Montello.

  5. Preston,

    Glad to hear you had a good time in Montello, I have been a little under the weather literally and figuratively lol. We got a foot and a half of snow here in Binghamton.

    If I get a chance I will give you a call, take care Bernie