Thursday, October 29, 2009

Thanks for the Montello pics "A"

"A" introduced himself the other night via the blog as a fellow Montello land owner. He followed up one of his emails with an excellent selection of photos that I am excited to post. Thanks again "A", I look forward to exchanging more emails and bumping into you in Montello.

The clump of trees/development in the middle left third of the above pic is Montello. I'm out there somewhere in the middle.

Sometimes, when you tire of castles in the air, you're left with a clear dream of hills with sage and it becomes a place you don't mind living, even till you die - Perhaps they'll understand if you tell it to them plain - Either way, out here the music doesn't play for the cocktail generation who is forced to waltz, devoid of all romance - this is my second chance. And thanks again to "A" for the visual reminder!

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  1. This makes me excited! We just bought property a few miles north of these pics. We are antsy to get out there but it's gonna be a little while until we're ready to come out and stat on our Earthship! Keep inspiring!